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July 17, 2019

I love cracks

Cracks in the system

That is

Just when people think

The broken societal vase

Is being put back together

To the power’s liking

Even a dimly lit bulb

Placed inside exposes

Suttle and ridiculous flaws

Normal is not normal

Abnormal is normal

Chaos is the order of the day

While it seems to be

Getting worse

Nothing could be

Further from the truth

Just another step

In our evolution

Towards enlightenment

Always darkest

Before the dawn

So we are told

In that we will

Appreciate the light

When it comes again

Then when that too

Also seems dark

It will be before

Brighter illumination

Till we ourselves find

We’ve become

Beings of light and

Spiritual masters

No vase no cracks

Just pure love

From → dark, humor, Paradox, random

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