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Tragedy ?

August 11, 2019

It is not tragic

It’s systematic

Only gonna get worse

Till it fills the last hearse

Doing their president’s bidding

With a wink he’s only kidding

Of course its happened before

Blaming 45 doesn’t end the gore

Only shifts the responsibility

What is left of our humanity

Marching to a death cadence

Losing real self independence

All going to die anyway

Why not make it lead spray

Bullets are just another form

Bringing into play a new norm

Wonder why this is different

From an automobile accident

Just as many deaths occur

Check the statistics to be sure

One seems 2 B circumstantial fate

Other happens from learned hate

Both largely preventable

If we were only responsible

When someone’s loved one

Is randomly killed by a gun

That is the wrong target to blame

Instead of addressing the shame

In the way we treat each other

Over the issue of skin color

A thin layer of epidermis

Hardly worth dividing us

Won’t get any kind of relief

Until collective evolves its beliefs

Could so easily be undone

Knowing all have the same skeleton

To accept otherwise is naive

Viewed from the box in the grave

From → dark, random

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