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Achilles Heel

August 22, 2019

Ooops, this got topically lost.

Regarding Mueller’s show, I mean “testimony”.


The question is

Who can not

Be gotten to?

In our quest

To evolve


Words were used

But nothing

Was said

Eyes focused

Ears perked

Stomach knot

Sphincter taut

Still the outcome

Remains the same

Both sides

Were told

What they

Wanted to hear

It would have been

Less of a spectacle

If he played

With his testicles

We’d be deranged

If we thought

Anything changed

Steel reeling

When we could

Be healing

Remember it is just

A goofy ride

When you are opting

To pick a side

It is the truth

We wil never know

Not on the agenda

Merely a show

Perfecting the art

Of distracting

Proven easily

How everyone

Is reacting

Neither either

Winners or losers

Just building

A following of

Mindless consumers

The proof

Is in the pudding

Ignore the “news”

Nothing will be missing

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