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Compromised By Birth

September 18, 2019

“Here’s another platitude they jam down your throat”

“Children are our future”

“Children are not our future and I can prove it with my usual flawless logic.

Children can’t be our future because by the time the future arrives they won’t be children anymore.”

– George Carlin


Placed in an untenable situation

To carry one’s parents baggage

Largely due to them doing nothing

To fix the world before you got here

Setting down the destructive pattern

To follow not because they said so

But in how they acted and behaved

Weighed down by society’s gravity

Mired in malignant mythmakers

Beholden to chaos and control

Unwittingly accepting the notion

That children are our future

Abdicating layers of responsibility

To the guide-less and guileless

Hypnotized by harmful hyperbole

Spread like wildfires across continents

Ramshackled by religion

Exponentiating catastrophic birth rates

Excrementing where we eat and sleep

Not recognizing the need to move

Why else is Mars becoming

A more viable option

Where if Martians see

What we have done

To this planet

We will not be welcomed

“If you believe that God gave you the Earth, that God created Earth for you, why would you not have to look after it? Why the fuck– Why would you not think that when he came back he wouldn’t go, “What the fuck did you do?”

“I gave this to you, motherfucker. Are you crazy?” “The polar bears are brown.” “What did you do to the polar bears?” “Did you shit all over every polar bear?” “What did you–who did this? Who spilled this shit? Who spilled this?” “Come over here.

Did you fucking spill this? What is that?”

“It’s oil. It’s just some oil. I didn’t mean to spill–”

“Well why did you take it out of the fucking ground?”

“Because I wanted to go faster.” “I’m not fast enough.” “And I was cold.”

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘cold’?” “I gave you everything you needed, you piece of shit.”

– Louis CK

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