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Fun With Street Names

September 25, 2019

There’s a nationwide corporate pharmacy that has the tag line that it is at the corner of Healthy and Happy. Seeing as how their business model is to locate most of its “drug” stores at intersections. And yes, they are “Drug” stores regardless the safe use of the double speak euphemism of “Pharmacy”

Any way, after making deliveries to businesses around airports, noticed the nearly obnoxious use of air and sky in the surrounding street names.

Airport Blvd leading into the airport. Fine, clear and concise, lets you know you are in the right area, or getting closer. That nearly gets lost in the surrounding street names such as Airway, Skyway, Wingsway, Jetway, Taxiway, Aviation, etc.

Wouldn’t it be more memorable and just as encompassing to use other words that associate with air travel to name the streets?

The FAA could be at the corner of Collision and Near Miss

Departing gates at the corner Delayed and Cancelled

FEMA could be at the corner of Catastrophe and Disaster.

Capitals at the corner of Greed and Power.

Schools at the corner of Rule and Obey.

Legislative offices at the corner of Tax and Spend

Suicide prevention centers at the corner of Hope and Despair

Barbers at the corner of clip and cut.

Any other suggestions?

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