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Impossible To Execute

October 19, 2019

At least in its current

Beta form

The notion of

Taking guns

The big noisy ones

Away from the

John Wayne impersonators

And the only line

They have to remember is

I’ll give up my gun,

When they pry it

From my cold dead hands.

It is emotionally charged

Poorly thought out

Completely illogical

Therefore impossible to execute

Wanting to get guns

Away from people who

Want to kill people

By other people who

Want to kill people

On one hand

Would get rid of

All the right people

On the other hand

Would not stop

The devastating death

It intends to prevent

Therefore there is

Still a nonviolent solution

And cost effective

To implement with

An ad campaign

Using billboards, TV and

A psychological study

Highlighting that the bullet

Is merely is an extension

And a projection

Of the insecurity’s

Of the gun owners

Micro phallus and the

Need to own

A mechanical replacement

Proves without revelation

How small theirs is

That if they voluntarily

Empty the safes

Of their cache

It lets everyone know

They already have

A big one and do not

Need to compensate

Smelt them all down

Build new schools

So children can learn

Their ABC’s and gazintas

Instead of perfecting

Duck and cover moves

Which are

Impossible to execute

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