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No One To Call

October 23, 2019

Recently the company corporation

I work for gave “sensitivity” training

You know “sensitivity”

The euphemism for

How to be a decent human being

Egotisticaly did not need

Because I have a tendency

To put myself in

Other people’s shoes

Albeit rare

As least in the individual sense

More in the collective

Where prejudices lie

Of all the f#@%ed up

Things my parents

Passed down

Racism and sexism

To my best perception

Were not one of them

Instilled or installed

Most poignantly

My uncle

Who worked for

Then later owned

My grandfather’s plumbing business

Used to point out

Everyone’s money is green

Any way after watching

Many video examples

Actor portrayals

Highlighted behaviors

Of what not to say

Who not to touch

How to correct the situation

Via lines of communication

Through open door polices

All the way up

To calling “Human Resources”

(More Euphemisms)

It occurred to me

That our alleged leader

Our philanderer in chief

# 45 or co conspirator

Named as “individual one”

Violates or has violated

Every example

In the training videos

Only to realize

In order to stop or

“Correct” the behavior

We have

No one to call

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