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Happy Armistice Day

November 17, 2019

As per usual, days late and no money to be had.

(A day late and a dollar short)



The troops… You got to support the troops, right? ……..Wrong again.

You keep trying but… I’m not saying “Don’t support the troops”, I’m saying I support people on a individual basis.

I gotta meet the troop first. If I meet the troop, he’s a cool troop, we drink, and he doesn’t turn into a d****… “Yeah, support him.” I’ll support him no matter what he does.


But some troops are d******. Some troops are… You know them… Some are #ucking assholes. I was down in Killeen, Texas, by Fort Hood.

There was a troop down there in a bar. And he wanted to hammer my head flat. Cause I accidentally dumped over his piss warm draft beer. And he was #ucking… You know how they get the #ucking forearms, swinging forward… A #ucking monkey redneck. #ucking

“Oh, you wanna kick my ass?!”

– Doug Stanhope


Regardless the reason

It is strange to honor

People who kill people

And then not expect

To have more and more

People who kill people

Armistice day originally

Celebrated the end of

World War 1 in 1918

Altered in 1954

To Veterans day

Guess Madison Ave

Thought it would

Be a tacky way to sell

Cars and appliances etc

(Which is more, its intended purpose)

On a day remembering peace

And had we evolved properly

Would have produced

No more Veterans

Of any more wars

(Where’s the money in that?)

“You know what gives me the creeps about the Vietnam vets, they have this obsession with wearing the hat.

They have to let you know they’re a Vietnam vet. They all wear the baseball hat with the gold leafs and the platoon and the year. “Dang Wang, ’68 to ’70, Vietnam vet.”

Why the fuck would you wear that hat? Did you forget how brutally fucked over by your own government you got on that deal? And you wear a hat celebrating it?

Nixon, in his own words in the Nixon tapes, talks openly and casually about delaying the withdrawal of troops just so he can win reelection.

“Fuck ’em if thousands more die. I need this gig again.” And then, you’re wearing a hat.

They fucked you over and then sold you merch after the gig.

How bad do you need someone to buy you a Pabst Blue Ribbon down at the VFW?

That’s like a rape victim walking around in a pink trucker cap that says, “Molested, step-brother, ’82 to ’86.” “Hey, girls, where’s all the fun at?”

– Doug Stanhope

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