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Impossible To Know

November 18, 2019

The parameters of reality

Within cranial confines

Gives our puny collective ego

The audacity to think

It is mapping out the cosmos

With more powerful telescopes

“Deep space” (yeah, right) probes

(In terms of an infinite expanse

We haven’t gotten off the porch)

Collecting and id’ing samples

Disseminating information

For the sake of information

Impossible to know

Given that any given language

Is completely made up

Adapted from each and all

Expanding and contracting

Based on use by who’s using it

Interpretations and translations

Quantify our perceptions as such

That we may relate and communicate

To the best of our ability

Even though what we know

Or what we think we know

Is impossible to “know”

Primarily lost in the sauce

Accepting what suits ego

Satiating understanding

Stopping there

Because it is easy to do

Instead of asking more

Questioning questions



“Eternal blackness beyond the stars
We think our wisdom will get that far
At the master’s table the table’s bare
No land of plenty, devastation, despair.”

“If Eternity Should Fail”

– Iron Maiden

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