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November 20, 2019

Humanity seems to like

Its truth veiled and its

BS revealed



Peekaboo takes the blame

Established as exciting

By “authority” figures

That that behavior is

Permanent in our programming

Never tiring of the

Pseudo revelation

Playing the game

Over and over

For the sake of

Playing the game

Over and over

Revealing stuff

We know exists

Instead of evolving

From what we understand



Look around folks

The “rules” aren’t working

Except for the “rulers”

Over the “ruled”

Ruling out their significance

Save being useful pawns

In a game of greed

Consuming to the death

Primary moves

Made by distraction

Focusing on differences

Instead of similarities

Finding it is us

With our hands

Over our own eyes

Leaving the game makers

To do as wished



Why else would and do

The masses accept results

From “closed door” “hearings”

Putting themselves in a

Position of accepting

Choreographed information

Instead of full disclosure

All ways all the time ?



It is a mystery to me

Therefore will keep trying

To lift the veil

From → driving, Paradox, random

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