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Justice Like Injustice

November 22, 2019

Are words made up

By previous generations

Like prosecute and persecute

Which are used a lot

Certainly more than

Caring and sharing

Guiding and teaching

The former get used more

Cause society has

Convinced itself through

Biblical machinations

That life will be better

With some rules

So it has opted

To conjure up a cliche

The end all be all

Of human summation

Which is

“The rule of law”



First by religion

(Thou shall not kill)

Then by government

(Thou shall not kill)
(Unless we say it is okay)

Now by corporations

(Thou shall kill)
(If it props up the bottom line)

(Disguised using the former rule makers)

As the first two are

Meekly and boldly

On the take

For the scraps

It discards

Neither the plant world

Nor the animal kingdom

Knows justice or injustice

Just instinct and survival

Humans for the large part

Being Pavlovian simpletons

React not to the bell

Rather the light emitting

Pulses of the wall rectangle

Surrounding talking heads

Programming far too many

Not only to react on command

More so what to react to

Impulsively on cue

With pseudo information

Having learned how what who

To react to and when to

Like Manchurian masses

Shown a queen of diamonds

“Free speech as
Free as its thought

Controlled behavior
Reacts as its taught

Fighting for Peace
Can’t comprehend

Hate out of love
Is violent pretends


Their violence works
it hardly ever fails

When blind man can’t see
He believes blind

Blind obedience is
The child of mindless minds

New world order
Is an old world lie

Fighting for peace,
See how they die

Dragging in God,
As they turn violent

God says nothing,
He just remains silent

Stop madmen from
Running loose

Mother earth woman
Can’t take the abuse

Living right now is
Living for tomorrow

Time is saying
There’s no more time tomorrow”

– John Trudell

Excepts from “Bombs over Baghdad”

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