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Under NYC’S Noses

December 2, 2019

Plus DC’s distracting puppet

Of course 45’s henchman

Thinks he can (or will)

Get away with whatever

Because he’s done it before

On a grandiose scale

In the dark of night

Plus in the light of day

“On the day of 9/11, while the remains of the twin towers and WTC7 were still smoldering, one of Mayor Giuliani’s first concerns was clearing away the evidence from the crime scene.

Despite reassurances that the rapid removal of the evidence from Ground Zero was important for emergency access, this process went far beyond merely clearing a path for rescue workers.

As Erik Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth points out, the massive operation to haul away over 1.5 million tons (3 Billion pounds) of debris and to sell much of the steel to Chinese firm Baosteel at discount prices was not just an overzealous approach to clearing the area, but was itself a crime.”


As for Rudy’s “Insurance”

I’m guessing everyone has

Enough on everyone else

To run a 12 shell shell game

Letting all the players play

Without any repercussions

Or ejection from the game

Just a greed pig #uck $ grab


Shuffling around

What they value

At your expense

As to who can pick up

The empty conch and

Speak “freely” (scripted)

Is anyone’s next guess

To cleverly distract the

Millions of minions

From truth and actualities

Corruption and the

Stench of manipulation

Under everyone’s noses




Speaking of a “Conch”

“Lord Of The Flies”

“I don’t care for this world anymore
I just want to live my own fantasy

Faith has brought me
To these shores
What was meant to be
Is now happening

I’ve found that I like this
Living in danger
Living on the edge it feels…
It makes me feel as one

Who cares now what’s right
Or wrong it’s reality

Killing so we survive
Wherever we may roam
Wherever we may hide
We’ve got to get away

I don’t want existence to end
We must prepare ourselves
For the elements

I just want to feel like we’re strong
We don’t need a code of morality

I like all the mixed emotion
And anger

It brings out the animal
The power you can feel

And feeling so high
On this much adrenalin

Excited but scary
To believe what we’ve become

Saints and sinners
Something within us
We are lord of the flies

Saints and sinners
Something willing us

To be lord of the flies”

– Iron Maiden

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