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Mission Accomplished

January 27, 2020

45 and the house in chambers

They are in charge of deciding

What group of camouflaged people

Can legally go kill other people

At their whimsical discretion

Or at some corporation’s behest

Under the clichėd guise of “National Security”

Paid for by your tax dollars at work

Well, work or slavery depending on

If you like your job or

How much you owe the banks

Using the same tax dollars

To build and deploy WMD’s

From the invisible socialist superfund

Cloaked as the military industrial complex

Aborting thousands of

Out of the womb grown fetuses

For being too close to an oil source

Remember, that is where

The “Power” lies


Does anyone really believe

Some alleged “poll” percentages

Declaring the public wants the trial

To have witnesses and documents

Are going to sway 45 and congress

From their mission

Perpetually distracting the public

Away from a lull of crass consumption

By impeaching a president

Get real* (this is eyes glued theatre)

With sponsors selling intangibles

(A better night’s sleep)

(Life “Insurance”)

(“Whiter” teeth)

Etcetera, you get the picture

There is definitely more evidence

To support that theory than somehow

There being an end to

The dog and pony show

By either confession or conviction


Trading on smugness or defeat

Will keep the economy going

Regardless of the oval occupant

Until it doesn’t, when and where

New scapegoats can be blamed

And start a new cycle of self loathing

Causing new purchases of stuff, so

People can feel better about themselves


Mission Accomplished



At least during this distraction

Doesn’t seem like as many

People are getting into body bags

By a single distraction

Repeated and regurgitated

“That’s our latest mindless cliché. Go out and buy some jewelry and a new car otherwise the terrorists win.”

– George Carlin



Dubya and Dick got off Scot-free

After their closed door

Non recorded testimony

To the 911 commission

Complicit or not

The American people

Had / have the “right” to know

Haha Haha

Perhaps not so much

Mission Accomplished

As mission perpetuated

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