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A Slight Correlation

January 31, 2020

This blog has a slight correlation

To the movie “Dark Waters”

Or as I called it………

“Erin Brockovich”

…..Without Boobs

(C’mon my wife laughed

you should too)


There is toxicity

In the water of

Our collective

Consciousness and


Poisoned by




Blind faith in

Alleged leaders



Only no one has ever

Asked me for help

Or been given

Any direction

To investigate

I’m not a lawyer

Nor do I play

One on TV

Or stayed at

A fancy hotel

Just a life long

Ability to observe

Dissect and reassemble

A plethora of words

In a variety of context

Content and intention

Blatant contradictions

Compared metaphorically

That simply do not equate


Was going to post

The following by itself

But it surfaced here


The River

Floating down the river

Of consumption

At the head waters

Of corruption

Lost in the fluid

Of ideologies

Downstream to

Polluted waters

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