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The Law Of Irony

January 31, 2020

Lawlessness prevails

By (huh-hum) …………


Really “should” have stopped here.

Things have to go a certain way, in order for part of the following to be accurate. However, will leave it here, just in case.

Kool-Aid, step up, get your Kool-Aid


One can already sense

The amount of orange

Get out of jail free cards

Being printed up by

Criminals and lawbreakers

For the Scot-free defense

Established by

Presidential precedent

(Of course I’m guilty, but

#UCK YOU. Prove it

Without me, evidence or testimony.)

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,”

– 45

Here’s some murderous logic.

Suppose you felt compelled to shoot a person on a street, say 5th Avenue for example. Premeditated as you already said you would. With witnesses and cameras capturing the event.

Would you go to jail? Of course not, just evoke presidential precedent, now on the books.

All you will have to do is hire a group of shoddy, made for TV lawyers to speak (or at least garble) legalese on your behalf.

Then throw logic and reason out the window and the constitution on a DOJ funeral pyre.

Have your faux friends and fixers go on TV and obfuscate and distort that you didn’t do what you’ve been accused of and inadvertently tweeted a confession. But if you did do it, it wouldn’t be a crime.

For example, prove beyond any doubt with statistical certainty that the alleged victim was going to die anyway.

Likewise, to have them further your non-case. They can carry on how the weapon was purchased “legally”, therefore its use would be legal, otherwise how could it be sold?

Let’s review. The gun and bullets were purchased legally, both preformed perfectly.

Plus, it provided work for many people. From ambulance drivers to coronors, casket makers to grave diggers, auto manufacturers to lumberjacks, you get the picture.

See, one single event by a narcissistic noodnik, was good for the economy, therefore the American people benefited. Hence the murder was not illegal.

“Ever wonder why we’re #ucked up as a species?”

– Bill Hicks

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