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February 23, 2020

(Going highbrow now)

Opinions are like farts

To the actual “owner”

They smell like roses

Therefore feel compelled

To share with everyone

When in reality most are like

The cat box emanations of

A nine cat household that

Hasn’t been cleaned for weeks

Good thing most times

You are just a “click” away

Or at least a “scroll” past from

The nauseating stench emanating

From various sized screens

Usually without foul air revenge

Which is typically where most exhibit

Their balloon bowel bravery or worse

Join in with their crevice chorus

The rest you encounter are the ones

Near the water cooler in the breakroom to

Where you’re “trapped” like in an elevator

And can not escape or hold your nose

That’s not even……….. an option

All you can do is extend exhaling with

Face scrunched until the doors open

Or can finish your break quick

When instead one should be

Wafting their hand inquiring

Not so much as what who ate, rather

What disinformation they consumed

At which restaurant of rhetoric


Well this already lasted longer than planned

So to sum up with all of the bad air

Realize all of the either non essential

Products or hyperbolized promotion

Sponsoring the talking heads nightly

Getting paid a boat load of money

People are essentially inviting these

Noxious gasses into their homes

Through one big screen and

Essentially passing down wind

More foulness through smaller screens

And paying for it themselves

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