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Planning To Plan

March 12, 2020

Seems to be the biggest plan

Planning : the act or process  of  making or carrying out plans

Plan: a method for achieving an end



I have a plan

You have a plan

Steve has a plan

Robin has a plan

Even God has a plan

Though is not planning

On sharing that specific plan

More fun to mix it up

In a Rubik’s cube with

Altered or missing stickers

Politicians know plans change

So they plan not to plan

Save a few of the bigger ones

They have big big plans

Those big plans

Are based on theory

Their theory of big plans

Tethered to cryptic flow charts

If stimulus package plan A = B

Then outcome C

Will render reelection

Minus no plan for disaster

Go back to start

Try another plan

Discovering their only plan

Is to convey a different plan

That was just planned

So the public doesn’t know

No plan was planned

Wouldn’t it be better if

We had a do

No theory just do

If it doesn’t work

Do something else

At least something

Will get done

Starting with a single do

As all the above plans

Leave us with nothing but


Which is not a very good plan

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