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Deadly Virus Humor + Aboos

March 16, 2020

“What, me worry?”

– Alfred E. Newman

Is it just me, or am I the only one who wants to fly to China to eat bats?

“The more bad news there is, the faster this system collapses.”

– George Carlin





It is a shitty system anyway

Built on mystical maniacs

Greed power and corruption

Deceit distraction and consumption

Predatory lending and unjust wars

Starvation in a world of plenty

Borders where no borders exist

Plighted to pick political parties

Categorized by surface skin when

Underneath everyone bleeds red

Deciphering and decoding truth

By those paid not to administer it

But it is what we’ve grown to know

So we were / are comfortable with it

Like a hole in the wall by a door knob

That if it is not fixed immediately

Soon you won’t even notice it is there

As long as we could make some

Sense of it assuming our place

Amongst the chaos and disorder

We have somehow made it work

Up until now. Thank you Covid-19

However like collective kidnapees with

Stockholm syndrome abducted by

Religion governments and banks

That have kidnapped humans from

Their divine nature and true selves

Forcing them to be pawns in a game

Of consume, destroy, hate and kill

Once released from voluntary captivity

Will need time to adjust to normalcy

You know, looking out for one another

Might not include shaking hands

Still you can lift someone up

Without touching them using a

Metaphorical hand to give a boost

Seeing as how your enemy is yourself

The ways of yesterday no longer apply

The allegedly elected leadership ruse

Has run its course failing every time

Natural leaders prove their salt w/o

The “need” to win popularity contests

The logic of meritocracy prevails

The best perceived analogy is that

A ship captain is not selected

From the passengers or crew

That can song and dance the best

(Which is what we have now)

Rather from all the planetary participants

Most qualified to navigate

Smooth and rough waters

With years of experience and

Skilled powers of necessary

Communication and delegation

To likewise be the best in their

Subsequent and desired positions

The best doing what they’d rather be doing

The best in

Charge of the engine room

The kitchen making sure ALL are fed

The sick bay making sure ALL passengers

Are well regardless the cabin or ticket price

All we have to do is sit back relax

Do what we’d rather be doing

Then watch the cream rise to the top

In each field in every endeavor

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