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A Virus With Shoes

March 17, 2020

“I’m tired of this back-slapping

“Isn’t humanity neat?” bullshit.

We’re a virus with shoes, okay?

That’s all we are.”

– Bill Hicks

At a time when we should

Be shining like diamonds

Many are crumbling to

Dust like chunks of coal

Under invisible pressure

Of faux survivorship

Hoarding for hoarding’s sake

Give it to me, it’s mine

Though it was on the shelf

For anyone to purchase

Leaving on a lonely ride

Driving up to “Devil’s Tower”

Hearing of, yet never seeing

Actual dead livestock

Or tell tale caged canaries

It is only the conspiracy

Theories that take flight

When all you have to do

Is follow the smelly money

And realize the tp mfgs

Were buried under overstock

A ruse to empty warehouses

At the expense of incivility and

Contempt for fellow citizens

From → Paradox, Quotes, random

  1. Haha, I was just watching some early 90s Hicks today.

    Liked by 1 person

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