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The Unsung Heroes

April 8, 2020

Through any tragedy

A group arises to the top

And yes certainly the

Health care professionals

Are deserving everyone’s praise

No doubt, I could not do

What they are doing

The extremely long hours

The daily risk of death

The sheer emotional exhaustion

Before or after Covid-19

Still tragedy or no tragedy

The ones who never get recognized

The people at the core

Of making life / existence possible

So that every group gets

Their day in the sun are all of the

Farmers and ranchers

Loggers, miners and drillers

Nothing happens without them

Nothing no food no buildings

No heat or cool, no roads or light

No communication, no connection

Everything everyone gets to do

Starts with those five groups

So here’s my little shout out

Thanks, am very grateful

You are the unsung heroes

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