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Pilot Error

May 4, 2020










The way this is posted on Facebook has the headline above it as:

“Quite possibly the most profound thing found on Facebook in a while.”

I am not a Facebook frequenter, just drop in when I’m bored and have expunged / suspended my suicidal thoughts.

There is nothing “profound” on Facebook, it is an oasis of opinions ouroborosly feeding on itself.

To sell ad space to product pushers, satiating shallow self-loathing crass consumers.

Amazed, still unaware that the products Googled / price checked, just days ago, “magically” show up in their “feed”.

It is as if “it” was just meant to be bought. Those programmers are something else, are they not?

You know what is profound. When dirt and water manage to get into a crack in a large or small rock. Followed by the seed of a flower and even though it is in the shade it begins to sprout.

Growing against impossible odds, veering towards any available light. As small as that life force is, it has the wherewithal to singlehandedly break apart that rock.

Now, that is profound! Because it is nature and that is its nature.

Not only is the following not profound, it is barely reasonable.

“I got an airplane last year with other passengers. As I watched the pilot go into the cockpit and lock the door, I realized I didn’t know anything about him. Was he the best pilot the airline ever had, or was he the worst pilot in the nation?

That began to concern me. If I had met the pilot, I might not have been happy with him being in charge. What if I really didn’t like this pilot? What if he had character flaws? What if he almost got kicked out of pilots training?

I did not choose him. He wasn’t my choice. Somebody else chose him for this flight, not me. But he was the pilot.

Still, we were going to fly together. So one thing was certain, I did not want him to fail. If he fails – we all fail. I read the emergency card, and I was alert for any trouble, but I hoped-for the best. Maybe he wasn’t the worst pilot; or maybe he was. I wanted him to succeed; I did not want him to fail.

I think alot of us need to remember that about our presidents. It is sad that some people want a president to fail. Although I didn’t want Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be president, I definitely did not want them to fail. Whoever is the president, we should hope for the best.

There are no winners in a plane crash, and no winners in a divided nation.”

Steve Garrington


Before I get to my main rant.

I call bullshit.

1. The unlikely coincidence of getting on one flight in a year and boarding after the pilot does would be rare. Not to mention, once the door is closed, it’s impossible to know who locked it.

2. No one reads the emergency card.

3. Hillary and Donald were the only two viable (albeit shitty) choices, only shows whoever wrote this, didn’t vote.

4. Hoping for the best is as bad as wishing you had a million dollars in one hand and in the other hand you had excrement. After putting them together, all you have is shit.

Ever since I was able to vote, whether “my” candidate won or not, I’ve hoped-for the best. Yet each one of those nudniks, have taken my hard earned tax dollars, thrown it at the military industrial complex and used it to kill sovereign citizens.

All because a few multinational corporations value resources over human life, rights and dignity.

Ooopsie, that must have been my speech for the meeting at the docks.
(Inside cranium Bill Hicks reference)


Ok, here is the main more gentle rant, regarding the airplane op ed.

All well and good, I too, do not want our current president to fail. Quite frankly, I don’t believe anybody wants 45 to fail.

However, the difference is that, before this “pilot” walked into the “cockpit”, he did things that were very “unpilot” like.

Prior to boarding, he promised to show some credentials (tax returns) like the last 9 pilots did. Three years later, still hasn’t.

For months before getting in the plane, he ranted and raved as to who could get in the plane.

By promising simpleton passengers to keep “others” (South Americans) “walled” out, after making outlandish disparaging (rapist and murderer) comments and tweets.

Even though we are all on the same tarmac (continent).

Shortly after starting the airplane he declared people with different religious beliefs (Muslim) than his, could not even leave their house (countries) to go to the airport, to even think about getting in his plane.

As far as I know, I don’t think the likes of Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, the Menendez brothers, Stephen Paddock came from there.

Then, even though there were f(l)ight attendants ready to serve the passengers, the “pilot” sidelined them from working simply because they are LGBTQ.

What we have now, as mostly before, is an airplane that is on autopilot. Save in pockets of turbulence, others have managed or not managed. At least they tried. Not declared, “it’s not my responsibility.” It is the regional carriers (states) that need to be involved.

This pilot has a tendency to create his own turbulence. Keeping the passengers distracted arguing against each other of the pilot’s ability to fly, let alone land the plane.

This pilot has centered himself between “1st class” and coach providing cheezy entertainment like on a free flight to Las Vegas.

Suggesting to the coach passengers they will get some of their ticket purchase back “taxes”, with a wink and a nod to the 1st class passengers who will end up with most of the money.

As the future is gambled away on misinformation and deceit.

Like most pilots who want to get to fly the big jets, they started on much smaller aircraft as part of a 10,000 hour plus (Outlier) commitment.

Difference, not the blatant outright lying that he has performed so far. 16,241 lies and misrepresented “facts” in three years, far outlying the best bullshitter.

Not some reality show TV host that has dangled that carrot for years, suggesting he could fly the plane better, to get gratuitous press coverage.

Who through maybe no fault of his own, had help get him (Putin) place.

Regardless how this pilot got into the plane, (GWB snuck in too on his second trip) the pilots get their (on or off course) feedback from the air traffic controllers “the media” in the observation tower.

This pilot is flying rouge as he has no destination. Save, saving his own ass, by keeping it afloat.

The whole thing could crash, his ego is his main parachute, his reserve is his celebrity.

To reiterate, nobody wants our pilot to fail. While a dwindling few would like to remain entertained. The rest would like him to return to the flight deck and quietly and safely land the plane.

Only wishing to hear from him on those rare sightseeing notices of stuff you can’t see in the first place.


Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.



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