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May 5, 2020









As mentioned

In a previous post

“I Thank God”

I am free of religion


I think Christianity

Or any religion

Would work better

If it was utilized

As an ideology

Better yet

An implementation

Of the following

Feeding the hungry

Healing the sick

Helping the poor

Forgiving others

Instead of the big gang

Moniker it has become

Wielding power

Over politicians

To answer questions

In ways that does not

Match their behavior

Saving fetuses but

Killing civilians

Taking from the rich then

Keeping it for themselves

In order to pretend

That what they are

Really doing is …….service

To their lord

Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.

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  1. I like the term ReReligion. Also, imagine the honestly devout people who must endure the hijacking of their faith.

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    • Hijacking is a good way to put it. Mix that with Stockholm syndrome and one sees how they identity with their captor.


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