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A Different Distraction

May 12, 2020

Than George Bush’s

War on Iraq after

Declaring the alleged

Culprits were in Afghanistan

Abracadabra switcheroo

That the public resisted

As long as they could until

They were worn the #uck down

Quietly subjugating their will

To the deceit of that president

Not wanting to pay $4.00

For a gallon of gasoline

In the meantime though

Go out and buy stuff

Otherwise the “terrorists” win






Now it is the tRumpsters

Decrying the “evils”

Of socialism

Though it is being instilled

Soon to be demanded

Abracadabra switcheroo

As long as it is

Trumpian socialism

While finding the time

To blame China

The democrats

The liberal media

Hillary, Obama, the dog

With the only outcome

Hinging on veiled promises

That the economy will return

And be better than ever, so

Go out and buy stuff

Otherwise the “virus” wins

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