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Revisionist History

May 13, 2020










Revisionist History


Revision, is it his story ?


Revision, is it hi(gh)? story ?


Revision, it is his shit story.


If one can not see or hear

Beyond bully and celebrity

That is what way too many

Are all too eager to accept

Revision, it is his shit story


45 “Tells it like it is”



Here’s a clue, a simple one.





45’s verbal diarrhea is a symptom

Of a fragile needs to be loved

Egomaniacal narcissistic shell

Filling the void with empty approval

Because he never received it

Growing up, or growing older

Leaving him to give a crap less

As to who goes on living as long as

Those left who do, heap on praise

Defend ignorance at all cost

*(Well, he’s speaking tongue in cheek)

Really, that is the argument you want to go with

Create unnecessary enemies

Instigate division to distract

Anything resembling leadership

It is not confidence and bravado

It is arrogance and ignorance



Of course, a lot of those are repeats and re-worded. On average that would be 14 lies a day.

But I’m feeling generous, put through the Pareto principle 80/20 filter brings it to just under 3 lies a day.

Three lies or misleading claims a day. Even that would be bigly bad.

For the one who likes to declare that other “talking heads” are the ones disseminating “fake” news.


“Americans really show their ignorance when they say they want their politicians to be honest.

What are these fucking cretins talking about? If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse! No one would know what to do!

Honesty would fuck this country up! And I think deep down, Americans know that.”

– George Carlin

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