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Just To Be Clear

May 18, 2020

I have no animosity against

The 45th oval office occupant

While some of my posts

May have reflected that

It is simply not the case

Especially since my

Perception tells me

That he is a projection

Of my mind’s eye

A hologram of sorts

A chance to observe

The faults that I have

That are not

Immediately obvious

To an untrained observer

Ones that need

Correction and repair

First up on the to do list

Repeal and replace

My malignant narcissism

The part of my self that

Egotisticaly thinks

The world revolves around me

And only my perspective

Is omniscient and right

Second up lying

Not nearly to the extent

Of averaging fourteen a day

But on rare occasions

Where self vulnerability

Is so fragile and scared

That concealment and or deceit

Is consciously or unconsciously

Triggered to hide

Feelings of unworthiness

And proof of unlove-ability

Fortunately or unfortunately

Those are the two that

Stand out the most

That need the most work


The rest is just amusing

Watching both sides either

Defend 45 at all cost

Regardless of….. logic or reason

Or attack him just because

Regardless of ….. logic or reason


Meanwhile no one is stopping

To examine either behavior

Because there is more stimulus

In engaging in the back and forth

Than questioning the reflections

That have more to do with us

Than anything he is doing



“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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