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Masked As A Vaccine

June 1, 2020

Trying to unfuzzy

The fuzzy logic

: a system of logic in which a statement can be true, false, or any of a continuum of values in between

Wearing a mask is being purported to stop the spread of Covid-19

Seems logical even reasonable

But, like a vaccine, it is only to protect the wearer / vaccinated

Or perhaps like a seat belt

One is only wearing it to protect themselves.

Unless one considers that they may be “thown” from a vehicle and land on someone else, or destroy property.

In the unlikely event of that happening, yes it (the seat belt) would have protected someone else.

Before I continue, in no way shape or form is anyone’s civil rights being violated. Unless at gunpoint you are being forced to wear a mask and that’s not happening.

It is that many are living in fear of an imaginary and imagery cast indoctrinated “police” state.

Placed in the dualistic role of blindly praising (because it’s popular) the mostly (men in blue) for their “service and protection”.

Till the realization occurs that they neither “serve” or “protect”.

“We do not serve or protect you. We are very blatantly a private military, carrying out only the will of your capitalist ruling class.

Fuck you and fuck poor people”

Author “Unknown”
From a Facebook meme


“Oh, there’s a threat to America. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Back to that fucking COPS show, because I’ll tell you who the threat to freedom…. no no no, not to freedom.

I’ll tell you who the threat to the status quo is in this country. It’s us!

That’s why they show you shows like fucking COPS. So you know that State Power will win, and we’ll bust your house down, and we’ll fucking bust you anytime we want.

That’s the message! Why don’t they just have a show called Storm Trooper?”

Bill Hicks, 1993

Okay back to the masks.

The ill logic that one has to wear one to protect others is seemingly illogical. Same goes for vaccines and seat belts.

If all three work masks,vaccines and seat belts as they are “supposed” to. They are to “protect” the wearer or injected.

Doing any for the collective is altruistic bullshit. Protesters should stay at home and read the constitution, or read anything for that matter. Plus turn off the TV.

Learn that in the blame game that when one finger is pointing forward, three are pointing back. Be creative (since they have time) and work on themselves.

Instead of demonstrating to have something, that is being taken away, that doesn’t exist in the first place. Certainly not in the way they are vying for.

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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