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The Vanity Of Death

June 1, 2020

It is not that I’m opposed

To wearing a mask, I have

When it seemed appropriate

It is just that I’m in a state

Geographically and consciously

That the lottery odds likelihood

Of contacting or contracting with

The Coronavirus Covid-19

Is very very teeny-weeny

With less than 500 cases

Including 450 recoveries

Fewer than 20 deaths

More highway fatalities

Have occurred and I am not

Always wearing a seat belt

Under 25 active cases and

Only 3 current hospitalizations

In the entire state

Governor deserves an atta boy

However if I was in a place

Where it is assholes and elbows

I’d be wearing a mask

Quite frankly something

Covering 60% of my face

Over my flesh mask

My @ work mask

My anger mask

My writing mask

My I’m not confused mask

Would be an improvement

So it’s not vanity, it’s logic

However, since so many

People are easily lead it

Might behoove 45 to take

A dose of self-effacing humility

That might go a long way to save the

Voters he may so desperately need

Instead ego/narcissisticly worrying

About being made fun of wearing one

Even one with a presidential seal

(He could have had his Chinese

Tie manufacturer sew a few million

For a healthy profit and save lives)

“President Trump on Thursday continued to defy public health experts by refusing to wear a mask during a visit to a Ford plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Afterward, in an interview, the state’s attorney general likened him to “a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules.”

During his appearance at the plant, which is producing ventilators, Trump told reporters that he had worn a mask on other parts of his tour, but that he “didn’t want the press to get the pleasure of seeing it.”

An executive order in Michigan mandates the use of face coverings in enclosed public spaces, and Ford’s company policy requires the use of personal protective equipment.

“This is not a joke,” Dana Nessel told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday, adding that 23,000 people had died in Wayne County, near Ypsilanti.

“He’s conveying the worst possible message to people who cannot afford to be on the receiving end of terrible misinformation, and it’s very, very concerning.”

Abigail Weinberg

– Mother Jones

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