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July 13, 2020

Need not apply

No exceptions

Perhaps that’s

A good thing

Or perhaps not

For one thing it

Makes one realize

How arbitrary

Any rule is

That either

One person

Made it up

Usually moms

Or it was developed

By a committee

A funny thing

About rules are

When written down

Carry about as much

Weight as not being

Transcribed anywhere

Since depending on

The issuer and

The issued each

Determining the

Outcome as if

Rules didn’t exist

In the first place



Where this should have stopped


For example

Take that Moses fellow

Who killed an Egyptian

Then carved on a rock

Thou shalt not kill


Rules need not apply

Or right up to today

When it is allegedly

Illegal to kill people

Lest of course

You are the entity

That makes the rules


Rules need not apply

Whether you need

A resource under

The ground under

Someone else’s feet

Really far away or

Right here at home

Or you simply wish

To control the citizenry

By having the rulers

Give special passes

Doled out as badges

With a wink wink

And a nod

That those

Illegal to kill people

Rules need not apply


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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