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July 14, 2020

The height of

One’s moral

High ground

Pointing out


Rightfully so

That a shoe co

Pays celebrities

Countless of

Millions of dollars

For “endorsements”

While the


Make pennies

So you decide to

Make a stand

By farting in public

AKA fb “post”

To declare you

Will “never” buy

That “brand” ever

Ever till you “forget”

And buy a pair because

They are on “sale”

Or they are what

A nephew really wants

You’ve “stood up”

For nothing for

You’d be better off

Using those sneakers

To run to your nearest

Congress or senate person

Beg and plead with them

To stop taking

Your hard earned money

In the form of taxes

That goes directly to

The military industrial complex

On to corporations that goes to

Making weapons of mass of

Either large or small destruction

You know bombs or bullets

That get used to murder

People circumstantially

Walking and living

Over a cheap resource

That’s “there” and not “here”

Plus teaches teenagers to

Operate the death toys

That kill and mame

With democracy to blame

Giving people the delusion

They are free to protest

People selling shoes

For millions while

Paying people

Pennies to produce




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