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I Believe

September 15, 2020

A belief is not a belief if

It is manipulated information

That has been Indoctrinated

Over perceived linear time

Generation after generation

By various external forces

That have something to gain

Money power and control

By perpetuating said belief

As some sort of pseudo

Dichotomous divine deity

When the other elements

Earth water wind fire and aether

Have the same life force each

Inherent in their very existence

Never ending never beginning

Yet somehow make no effort

To change one into the other

So “they” (the elements)

Will be more like them each

To be more acceptable

Understood and or tolerated

Where this should have stopped.

If “we” (yes, that is the royal “we”)

Or me and the mouse in my pocket

If we only had fire it would burn out

With no earth or aether to burn

If we only had water it would be frozen

With no fire or aether to warm

If we only had earth it would dry up

With no water or aether to quench

If we only had wind it would blow away

With no earth or aether to move

If we only had aether we would have

No earth wind water and fire to appreciate



So why

Would anyone need to convince or capitulate

Believing as others believe or vice-versa

As a need to be the same as theirs or others?

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