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I Forgot……….

September 16, 2020

There was no plane at the pentagon

Plane crashes leave debris fields

The video surveillance was classified

There was no plane in Shanksville

No bodies or teeth were located there either

Bush started a war against Iraq

Iraq had nothing to do with 9 11

Alleged culprits were in Afghanistan

The distraction that carries on today

Masters of wisdom teach forgiveness

Rudy Giuliani sent the evidence to China

Building seven mysteriously collapsed

No one was really held accountable

There were tell tale signs of demolition

Buildings do not fall in free fall speed
Unless nothing is left to support them

How quickly the media was in lockstep
With the “official” Whitehouse story

GWB sat like a dolt being read a story

How the public was told to go out and
Buy stuff otherwise the “terrorists” win

The owner of the World Trade Center just
Happened to insure against such a scenario

How much Cheney & Halliburton profited

That Bush’s buddies were safely flown home
After “all” planes were supposedly “grounded”

Fox was very young and played along

Fox still does just from a different angle


I was a few days late writing this cause I Forgot how much distraction is going on now

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