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K(NO)W Difference

September 21, 2020

Strange how the alleged and declared

Pro life people contradict themselves

They’ll shout from the rooftops and

Post save the children and fetus memes

Until that fetus grows up to maybe break

Into their house to steal their stuff then

It will be perfectly ok to legally decide that

They will perform the abortion themselves

As it is their God given 2nd ammendment

Right to do so to abort would be thieves

Because am pretty sure that is what Jesus

Would do to protect his material possessions




There’s a premise for you

As the technology deciphering the genome

Increases the ability to develop the use of

The “Minority (Movie) Report” information

Could determine what fetus may grow up to

Commit a crime then it would be lawful to kill

As stuff is much more important than on old

Out of the womb raised by today’s parents

Whose Indoctrination of valuing things

Over and above people is satiated in

Materialism narcissism and consumption

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