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September 17, 2020

Of the abominable

Malleable bogeymen

Shape-shifting out of

The mouths of the afraid

Lurking in the cracks

Of your subconscious

Ready to pounce when

Easily triggered in the

Right Pavlovian context

Absent thoughtful content

Using descriptive words

That alone are harmless

With simple definitions

Manipulating benign terms

Take immigrant for example

A person who has moved

From one location to another

No harm no foul right

Of course it could be suggested

That there is no such person

As an immigrant here is why

We are all on the same planet

If you move around to

A location more suitable

On the spaceship earth

You are still on the same ride

Going through the cosmos

Just like all the other earthlings

Now that that is out of the way

When immigrant is used

In the context that somehow

Scares you into believing

They are going to take

Something away from you

That you didn’t have anyway

Is a mind trick used by someone

Too small to recognize

Their own value

Let alone someone else’s

Same goes for socialism

Though not recognized

Too many aspects of

Daily lives are categorized

Under the allegedly evils

Of socialism

Uninsured motorists are

Covered by insured motorists

Businesses and farms

Supposedly to big to fail

Are propped up by

Everyone paying taxes

That might need cars and air travel

Or would simply like to eat


2a: a system of society or group living in 
       which there is no private property


There is no such thing

As private property

Anything you think you own

Is being fleeced to you by the government

Better known as prosperity taxes

With usary fees paid to the banks

Seeing as how that when you do go

You will not be taking anything with you

Making private property a cute illusion

Just as much as the bogeyman words

Cast into your consciousness that keeps

Many intelligent people unimaginative

And afraid scared of shadows projected

Down by the dimly lit beacon of light

They follow with out question guiding them

Not away from rocky harbors but rather

The steep cliff they are prepared to go over

So just be aware

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