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The Establishment

October 19, 2020

Well established conspiracies

Seem to easily elude questioning

Oh heck might as well start with


If you never heard of any religion

As if none were ever established

Not even having the word for it

You and all the other bipedal earthlings

Generation after generation would have

Learned to live in harmony with natural laws

Gravity leverage biology atmosphere

Seasons heat light chemical reactions

Birth death ingestion expulsion reproduction

Pressure geology floatation and energy

Harnessed their miraculous properties and

Maintained balance with Gaia consciousness

The mysterious God force uniting everything

There would be no “holy” not so holy wars

For there would be nothing to fight over

No ideologies food water & other resources

As everything is all of one consciousness

Isn’t that a lot more concretely plausible

Then being told or even have read that some

White male grandfatherly Santa Clause type

Was patiently waiting in a cosmic vacuum

To create dirt and water plants and animals

Light and dark even though light is constant

Just appearing as on and off from rotations

Same goes for viewing those “lesser” lights

As science and technology prove otherwise

But even though that permeates awareness

The not so conspiracy theory holds sway over

Billions of lives with many interpretations

Ignoring or at least suspending disbelief

That this all loving all powerful all knowing

Invisible not knowing how tall or short one

Dude so messed up his beloved “creation”

He decided to painfully drown his “children”

Suffocating them in the most horrific of ways

Till all but a few were maliciously murdered

Counting as the first mass global genocide

With all the other creatures except marine life

You know……………to teach them a lesson

Case they start over and “mess” up again with

A rainbow reminder not to in case “he” forgets

(So much for being so omniscient)

That occurs naturally from refracting light

Ooopsie need any more examples hmmm

Didn’t think so……. thank you for reading

On to


As allegedly “Democracy” is the “best” kind

Really is this the best we can do HOLY F#@K

Corruption at every corner is catching on

Or perhaps it is the only thing being tried

Because it has been marketed as the best

If it was a car you would gotten all of your

Money back from established lemon laws

Have been fraudulently sold a piece of S#!T

Government “of” “by” and “for” “The People”

One must first Jerry Seinfeld ask the question

Who are “these” people? They are not you & I

You would not willingly give up 25 percent

Of 1/3rd of your hard earned income to spend

It wastefully on a military industrial complex

Designed solely and soullessly on terrifying

Your family members all over the globe with

Perceived threats of annihilation just because

It is easy to do and you seek power & control

That’s the long held unquestioned conspiracy

Going along cause too many vaguely believe it

When a balance of meritocracy & technocracy

Would probably work quite well if we only tried

Thanks again for reading this after all it is

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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