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Wasted Fantasy

October 28, 2020


Not forever

Just for now

The supposed

Best technology

To get us to Mars

Is nine months

The gestation time

It takes for a Human birth

A round trip

Made with efficient

Planetary alignments

Is about 21 months


People can’t leave their house for more than a week, without getting home sick. Let alone being put into some kind of impossible untested cryogenic state of hibernation, to travel to a desolate frozen barren wasteland, and for what? To make it like Mt. Everest, go there because it is there.

As Joe Rogan put it, The Lucky Charm’s Leprechaun is not waiting at the top to give away gold. It is just hard. Not to mention to get there, climbers climb over dead bodies, too frozen to be removed to be given proper burials.

How does anyone think that going to Mars is going to be any different? Except they will be flying past dead frozen bodies, less of an emotional connection I guess.

Like dodging satellites and asteroids. As long as we are playing with this fantasy and we (as in human beings) can safely get there.

First thing I’d want to do is

Hmmmm, oh yeah!

Take a #ucking shower.

Gonna need some water


No water, till it is unthawed.

In other words, all that equipment is going to have to be sent and set up first….

Without….you know….people.


That’s another thing, toilet paper.

We now know how long we can go without that.

Going to Mars is like planning how to spend

The lottery jackpot

You are not going to win

A futile thought experiment

With all the substance of

Having a wish in one hand

And smelly feces in the other

Putting them both together to

Realize what you really have

Is some dopey unobtainable

Myth keeping people alive

As some sort of stick and carrot

Enticement of cosmic distraction

When instead we could use that 21 months

To get our house (planet)(selves) in order

In such a way that alien life would come here

To learn from our example and be inspired

To show us the technology to get us there

You know all 8b of the bipedal earthlings

Spawned from Gaia consciousness

Serving each other like they all mattered

In ways that are respectful and kind

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