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The Illusion

October 30, 2020

Of “A better place” is
Manifested by
The allusion of
Comfort words
Soothing psyches
From the pain of
Soul departures
Though no one
Has a clue or proof
While still maintaining
The illusion

Where this should have stopped

A better place
May be no where
Or an adjacent dimension
Or light years away
Either way no proof exists
If such a tangible
Place existed it would
Be like a cemetery
Everyone would be
Dying to get there
Same must apply
To a worse place
In a different direction
Though one does not
Hear of it as often
Must just be used
For comparison
As if behaviors
Or deeds were
Tickets for either
Or just something
We simply made up
To perpetuate
The illusion
Of some vague
Purpose to keep
Us occupied
While we are here
Of something
Nobody knows
But plenty
Will tell you by
What is written
Including all of the
That entails

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

From → Bible, dark, Paradox, random

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