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Bad Timing

November 3, 2020

Keep hearing from people

Who like to hear their voice

They can’t wait until

The election is over

So they can quit

Wearing these

Stupid masks

Do they know something

I don’t?


Who adheres to the rule

“If you have nothing to say….say nothing”

Wonders silently

WTF are they yapping about?

Must they think

Regardless of

Or in regards to

An alleged election of

Two possible outcomes

This whole “mask thingy”

Is going awayyyyy?

Other countries have

Nipped this in the bud

Our alleged leadership

Just confessed it gave up

Quite a while ago

At least from the cheap seats

Coworkers are becoming

Temporary un-persons

Vaporized by a virus

Disappearing at random

Only to surface two weeks later

With tales of woe or wonder

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