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The Three Gifts

November 3, 2020

Bestowed upon us by God

Are logic, reason, and love

Not necessarily in that order

And just to be clear

I do not subscribe to the

Notion that God is an old

White guy grandfatherly

Santa Clause type of entity

Who likes to pit his leftover

Creations against each other

(After he drowned the first batch)

Because they’ve read different books

Usually in ritualistic bloodbaths

Over ideologies oil and power

As a male dominator God while

Sitting on a cloud in the sky

Who watches everything we do

Say, think and is looking out for us

Because that is not reasonable

Logical and is devoid of love

As it defies three of the three gifts

Love, logic, and reason God gave us

Rather a divine force throughout

The infinite multiverse we occupy

On a sphere with gravity and oxygen

Trees, rocks, water, birth and decay

That allows us to make order

Out of chaos discovering a usable

System of math and science

Tools, leverage, kinetic energy

Cultivating the earth’s resources

To feed and house most inhabitants

Which we could make happen for all

If we could extricate ourselves

From detrimental mindsets of

Haves, have-nots, greed, war

In & unintentional overpopulation

Waste and blind consumption

Destroying our three gifts

Love, reason and logic

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

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