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On The Eighth Day

November 23, 2020

A really truly APAKALOB
(All Powerful All Knowing All Loving Omniscient Being)
Would have written
A “Bible” pamphlet
All by them self
Stating :
Be kind to each other
Take care of everyone
With abundant resources
This planet is balanced
To provide everything
You will ever need
As long as it is kept
In balance and care
You will never want
For anything you do
Not already have
Instead of waiting
4.5 some billion years
For men to conjure up
Impossible bs stories
(Like leaving out where
O where did Caine’s
Wife come from)
Of an allegedly
Loving God
Who although “created”
Them in his “image”
Mandated certain ones
Deform their penises
For identification purposes
Where’s the love in that?
Or omniscience for that matter
And although “he” could
Create all of the other
Plant animal amphibian
Sea creatures reptiles
Dinosaurs birds and the like
In both genders
In one fell swoop
(2 or 3 days) Opted
To make the humanoid
Female from the male
So as to be permanently
Or semi permanently
Subjugated to “mans”
Wishes and ownership
Control and ridicule
Violence and torture


Actually methinks God
Wrote that Bible pamphlet
Indelibly on our hearts
It is just that it has been
Buried under generations
Through aeons of time
Of indoctrination by greed
Fear ego worthlessness
Because it is easier
To get caught up in
Dichotomous details
Such as good vs. evil
Black and white
Us vs. them
Right and wrong
Than calming consciousness
Knowing everything is energy
In different forms and degrees
Giving and receiving heat and light


Holy (holey) Moses
I should not be listening
To “The Bible In 90 days”
I do not think I am getting
Out of it what was intended
(Manipulation control fear)

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

Where this should have stopped
…………………But I digress


Would your life be anymore
Meaningless than it is now
Or have much more meaning
If you knew differently
From what you know now
That perhaps in the miracle
Of living on this planet in
The Goldilocks zone of being
Neither too hot or too cold
We simply had manifested
Into our current evolution through
A life force that developed from
The primordial ooze maternal
Love known as Gaia consciousness
With that awareness should we not
Be taking care of our aging mother


“Her love rains down on me
as easy as the breeze
I listen to her breathing
it sounds like the waves on the sea
I was thinking all about her,
burning with rage and desire
We were spinning into darkness
the earth was on fire
She could take it back,
she might take it back some day
So I spy on her, I lie to her,
I make promises I cannot keep
Then I hear her laughter rising,
rising from the deep
And I make her prove her love for me,
I take all that I can take
And I push her to the limit
to see if she will break
She might take it back,
she could take it back some day
Now I have seen the warnings,
screaming from all sides
It’s easy to ignore them and
God knows I’ve tried
All of this temptation,
it turned my faith to lies
Until I couldn’t see the danger
or hear the rising tide
She can take it back,
she will take it back some day
She can take it back,
she will take it back some day
She can take it back,
she will take it back some day”
– Pink Floyd
“Take It Back” from The Division Bell

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