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Believe……Or Not

November 24, 2020







Believe what you want to believe
Because that is how beliefs work
Even though there may be plenty of
Insurmountable evidence to prove
Any one person’s beliefs are ludicrous
Unsubstantiated or 1000% correct
Nobody or verifiable proof can change
What rolls around in your cranium
If in fact that is where they come from

For me beliefs come from my big left toe
Because that is how beliefs work

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin


………..and just for a split second

You wondered if I actually believe that…..
Of course not….everyone knows beliefs
Come from behind their right knee
Or so I’ve been told or read somewhere
Thank you for reading these words
And hopefully questioning your beliefs

“All your beliefs, they’re just that. They’re nothing. They’re how you were taught and raised. That doesn’t make ‘em real.”

Bill Hicks

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