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Scarcity Is Increasing

December 16, 2020

Scarcity is increasing

In strange ways

“Just an observation,

maybe I need different glasses.”

– Angelo Devlin

First up…..

Toilet paper

OMG WTF would we do

W/o toilet paper

Deplete and hoard

Not regionally

Like for a hurricane

Rather Globally

Cause shit happens

Because it is easier

To react than think

Fine, that at least had an explanation

Everyone was convinced

Albeit unintentionally and irrationally

That they may be quarantined

For an indefinite amount of time

Who knew such a commodity

Would hold sway over our survival

That we might actually get wiped out

If we could not wipe away

Unike that scenario

This one baffles me

Loose change

I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV

Nor am I a geopolitical mathematician

Miner of cheap and readily available metals

Waiting in a green room conspiracy theorist

But I did stay at a fancy brand name hotel

Therefore that one makes the least cents

You see the signs at fast food establishments

Convenience stores and gas stations

Please have exact change

Or pony up to an even amount

So it can be donated to charity

Minus the 99% administration fee

Due to a national coin shortage

Without any rational explanation

Other than the catch-all Covid-19

As Alonzo Boden asks,

“Who’s paying attention?”

How long before rationing starts

Of Victory coffee and cigarettes

Razor blades and chocolate

Winston Smith wants to know

So he can stock up before

Returning to his speak-write

Where he alters the production numbers

Of pig iron and invisible boots

Droning on in the background

From telescreens all around

With news flashes about some

Glorious victory on the Malabar front

To keep the party members

Hopefully dismayed

As the wolf cries wolf

Conditioning society

That lack is the new normal

Where the proles are simply

Worn the #uck out until

Guided along in their

Two minutes hate

Toward who or what

They are told they hate

While the “inner” party members

Are sequestered away

Safely to undisclosed locations

To legislate on their behalf

Oops maybe I shouldn’t have

Listened to Orwell’s 1984

Or maybe it’s just an observation

Of rotating areas of empty shelves

Logically and logistically irrational

Making it look like

Scarcity is increasing

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