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Excuse Me………fire

January 9, 2021

If you whisper

Mumble and repeat

Or clear your

Throat while saying




In a crowded

Movie theater

For four years

Nobody will

Pay attention

Or heed warnings

Till the last

Glowing embers

Are extinguished

By a leaky fire hose

Brought too late

By an ill equipped

Poorly run station


Emporor 45 twitters

(Or must be trying to)*

While Rome smolders

Throwing Nero’s

Fiddle on the fire

For a biigger pyre



How ironic

In a way

The 1st ammendment

No longer applies

To the president


(“Sampson got his haircut”


– Rachel Maddow)


As social media

Corporations scrounge

Up some ethics (finally)

To stop the lunatic

Ramblings of a mad man

Now you know

Who is running the show

The OZ behind the curtain

So to speak

And dead people

Mean fewer consumers

Therefore less profits

Not enough slaves

To produce and consume

(Oops, got sidetracked)


Maybe if 45 wasn’t

Given such a large conch

In the first place

He would not be

What he is today


“The Lord of The Flies”

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