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No Legislation

January 9, 2021

Will ever ever limit

The manufacturing

Sale and distribution of

Weapons of mass destruction

From handguns to hand grenades

Bullets to bombs

Ships to submarines


Nor implement the

Confiscation or destruction

Of said devices

However our survival and

Evolution as an intelligent

Carbon based life form

Will demand it


(Where this should have stopped.)


In the infinite cosmos and

The cosmological infinite

Where energy is neither

Created or destroyed

Reincarnation and karma

Are most likely true

Although unproven

It makes WMD’s seem

Like toys to children

That when they grow up will

Wonder why they were ever

Played with in the first place


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

From → Paradox, random

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  1. Definitely an amazing blog 🙂


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