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Almost Seems Scripted

January 14, 2021

Like we are heading towards
A grand finale of Season 4
Episode 12 with Covid 19
Putting more seasons on hold
Cliff hangers at every turn as
Less then half of the audience
Cheers on their antagonist
What else would you expect
From a reality TV * porn star
As it may all come down
To those insecure about
The size of their weapon
They will be bringing their
Metal ones cocked & loaded
Ending in violent discharge
Unless of course it dawns
On them 45 was disguised as
A flashy Jim Jones
Without cups of Kool-aid
Just a self absorbed
Malignant narcissist
Failed bumbling
Business(con)man but
Through infamy and will
Could bring new suckers
To the table for his ego
Amusement use and discard
As Howard Stern has said
None of those Capital criminals
Were / are never ever going
To be invited to Mar-a-logo
Those are not “his” people though
They were convinced they were
Like him hoping his (their) “daddy”
Would find ways to be loved by him
Unconditionally once they prove it
“*Porn (ography)
: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction” —–

“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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