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One One Hand

January 16, 2021

(I better put the title down here
Otherwise it reads like a
Statement and not a point)

“On one hand”
I totally agree that 45 DJT
Had nothing to do with the
Insurrection at the Capital
Just as much as it is
A personal theory that
Yelling fire in a theater
Crowded or otherwise
(When there may or may
Not be an actual fire)
Is an entirely acceptable
Act of free speech that
It falls on the individual
Patrons of the theater to
Determine, either sensing
Visually or by olfactory
Intuitively or cognitively
That there is indeed a
Danger that needs heed
Not linguistically legislated
Parameters of a “freedom”
I will repeat that again
To let that nuance sink in
(Parameters of a “freedom”)
Under that all inclusive guise
Of the, by the and for the people.
That of course would dole out
Tooo much responsibility to
The individual and we can’t
Have that now can we?????
We do not operate
Like that on this planet
Not yet anyway
From birth you are
Assigned a name
Through repetition by
A person or persons
Who assume a role
As authority figures
Over your “well” being
Instruct you in manners
Of eating peeing pooping
Crawling walking learning
Speaking repeating
Pleasing following
Consuming wasting
Conforming obeying
All so you can operate
In the framework of
A law and order society
That makes them up
As they go along which can
Be ignored by certain groups
Then implemented unjustly as
Heavy handed towards others
Simply because they do not
Look like the dieing ruling class.
On the other hand
Nothing would have happened
If their alleged leader behaved
Accordingly and with civility
Taking objections through the
Courts as it did in the Florida case
Of Bush v. Gore you know
Regarding the above proclivity
Of human beings to do
As they are told by imaginary
Father figures invisible
Nonexistent or otherwise
It is entirely possible that the
Domestic freedom fighters
Were taking commands from
What their TV hunkered leader
Was tweeting and speaking
“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin

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