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Star Lights

January 18, 2021

No need to worry
Everything will be okay
Look up at the stars
They have been here forever
You are made up of star dust

As all of thd chaos was being
Regurgitated and repeatsd
I was driving my nightly schedule
Up and over a mountain pass
At the roadway peak
There is a place to pull over
Plus traffic is nonexistent
The divine opportunity to take
A few moments to look at the stars
Resolves many a human problem
The night was so crisp and cold
With nary a one cloud in the sky
One could literally see forever
Beyond the stars and the bs story
That allegedly placed them there
Not only can you see the stars
When you see the wide band cluster
You know it is as we understand it
The exquisite view of the Milky Way
Back to the tractor cab rolling again
Is when the news and opinion shows
Become laughable for their distractions
Coming at humanity from all sides
Not sure if you have the opportunity
Or such a grand location to view
Without the street light encumbrance
(That seems the biggest obstacle)
Look up at the stars realize your place
In the cosmos and enjoy the ride
“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”
– Angelo Devlin
Here is a nice long Joe Rogan bit
To help bring the blog post home
“Space is the most taken for granted thing ever. You know how crazy it is that it’s above you, every day and never comes up.

If we all lived underground or indoors, there was only one place in the whole world……where you can see space, you know how popular that *** would be?

Everybody would travel to see space. You just stand there and hold hands and look up and go: “There’s no ceiling, it’s *** incre… It’s mindblowing!”

But instead it’s there everyday like: “Oh look the Big Dipper, I should go.”

People travel to see the *** Grand Canyon.”Hey dude, you’ve got to go to the Grand Canyon man, dude it changed my life man””

I stood up there and saw that canyon, it was so immense……i just realised how small my role in the universe really is.””

Oh, really? Wow! Hey, how about all that ***?””(Joe Rogan points up) What the *** are you talking about? Those aren’t light bulbs mother ***!””

Those are huge nuclear explosions billions of miles away……and it goes on forever. Do you know what forever means?”

It means this whole universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies……might just be a part of one atom……it’s in the cell of the balls of one guy who lives in another universe……it’s part of one atom, that’s a cell of a ball and a guy……and it goes on and on and on FOREVER!!!””

And there is no *** end! And you are looking at a ditch. You just drove six hours to look at a ditch, you are a *** dummy.””

You can see the bottom, why is that even interesting to you?””Oh yeah, yeah, you are small, it’s big.
“Space is some *** crazy ***!”
– Joe Rogan

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