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Instant Coffee

January 27, 2021

Having access to

Instant information

Is about as effective

As dropping into

A jungle to grab the

First bean off any

Plant to chew it to

Enjoy a cup of coffee


Sure it is raw and fresh

Yet it has not been

Roasted put through

The fire and tested

Percolated and filtered

Through experts who

Have been delivering

Coffee for a long time


Checking to see if

The beans are taken off

A healthy plant etc

From a reliable source

So the consumer knows

It will be a good cup

Worthy of drinking


The only thing that will

Happen if you take the

First route is that you will be

Full of beans*


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


*Artistic license


Researching info for this post

I learned coffee starts out

As and is considered a fruit

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