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Miracles Ignored

January 28, 2021

Are miracles denied

From two vantage points

Outer and inner space

Both falling in the realm

Of the unfathomable


First up



WOW as in Wow

I mean really WOW


When your parcel of the sphere

Is cloaked in darkness from its

Daily rotation @ 1000 mph (WOW)

Turning away from a not so

Stationary 9,000 degree fireball

LOOK up into a cloudless sky

Protecting you with atmosphere

That is invisible yet blocking out

All the dangerous gamma rays

Radioactivity and space debris


See what is referred to as stars

Light emitting spheres of heat

Millions & billions of miles away


“Those are huge nuclear explosions billions of miles away……and it goes on forever.”


Joe Rogan


All in a constant enough pattern so

You know your place in the cosmos


In my perception that is miraculous

Knowing also no invisible man put

Them there on an egotistical whim


Next up



Within the confines of the cranium

The squishy gray matter that operates

The eyes that see the moon and stars

Bees trees whales snails cats and dogs

Interprets that information into words

Permanently attached to identifiers

So when you see it again you know it

Fascinating absolutely fascinating

And while some interpret its workings

They do not know it is still theories


More miraculous still is reading this

Electronic scribbling of straight and

Curved lines put together in what is

Known as words and making sense

In a language that makes no sense

When four sounds the same as for

Has an entirely different meaning

Besides the four can be replaced by 4

But not for “for” and daily the brain

Makes those decisions for you

Automatically without question and

Regulates your breathing digestion

Heart and heart beat waste elimination

Miracles all happening behind

Up above and below a nose that smells


Two constant miracles happening

All the time and people have the

Audacity to concern themselves

With what is broadcast on TV and radio

Bring harm to their fellow space travelers


Because they are coerced into it

To keep an economy going nowhere

Dabbling in divisive distractions simply

Because it keeps them amused and

The ones perpetuating it have it too good


Worrying about someone might take

Their gun away but not concerning

Themselves if their neighbor has enough

Food to eat under proper shelter with heat


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin

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