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Unlegal Precedent

February 11, 2021

Let me get this straight

To a current debate


S t r e t c h your imagination


If you are selected to rob a bank

Not that you have ever done it before

Or have any pertinent skills

But declare you have the charisma

To pull it off as many have suggested


With so much charm and braggadocios

You stay for four years distracting all

The bank employees and customers

Are so “successful” you are not needed

To rob that bank again and you have

Been paid for your involvement and

Get to go home and play golf even

Though five people died when you left


Since you are home and not in the bank

You wouldn’t have any consequences for

Wanting to stay and rob some more

Knowing you could devise impunity as

Long as you stayed in the bank as the


Rest of the robbers still in the bank’s

Employ would have to be responsible

Therefore confess and be guilty too

So they press that since you are home

You can’t be charged with the crime

And may be needed in four years


Just asking for a friend who is in a

Metaphorically particular situation


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