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Like A Vaccine

February 12, 2021

Is supposed to work

A small amount of

The virus is injected

So the healthy cells

Build an immunity

Against harmful ones


Likewise if the dose

Is too much going into

An already weak host

It wreaks severe damage

And sometimes death


The same theory applies

To listening to Faux News

Must be taken in small doses

So that a healthy brain gets

Just enough of an earful of

Ignorance and stupidity to

Fight off more virulent strains

Of ignorance and stupidity


I received a small dose recently from

Mr. H (his ego needs no reminder)

Just a talking head 45 supplicant

Whose head is so far up 45’s ass

Can’t see the reality of reality


Was comparing apples to oranges

Whilst claiming it was apples to apples

Knowing his audience FOOL well

(Or is that fool easily)

Will not THINK otherwise


Comparing a moronic comment

Joe made during the campaign

That if he was high school age

Would have taken someone like 45

(Out back to beat him up)

I’m paraphrasing w/o transcripts


That that was just as much

An incitement to violence as anything

45 said about marching to the Capital

With his supporters to stop the steal

Suggesting that phrase (beat him up)

Start Joe’s impeachment


After that I tuned out before

The lethal doses got in

Anymore injections and surely I would be

A mindless zombie


As the tangent turns


For you can hear it in their

Followers dialog regurgitating and

Repeating what has been heard

Instead of researching for themselves

Or searching for their self’s


Which are connected to all of

The other self’s they disconnect from

Using malignant monikers

Like “foreigners” and “socialists”

You know “strangers” who want to

Better their situation and help others

Certainly “nothing” Christ would do


Elevating themselves above

Their fellow human beings


While floating high in their

Concentric fragile small penis

Gun toting flag hugging

Fetus focusing bible believing

Conspiracy creating

Fragile ego ready to burst bubble


“Just an observation, maybe I need different glasses.”


– Angelo Devlin


I am guessing that with tons

Of editing and proper punctuation

This would communicate to a

Much larger more receptive audience

That would in turn wake me up

To be a better person myself

But the above is how it was

Transcribed by my digital digits

As I am grateful for all of you

That stopped by to read this nonsense


Thank you

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